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My gun did not jump out of its holster and fire by itself. The journey was sometimes difficult, but the writing was easy. The backpacks were starting to cause me back and shoulder pain and frankly I never found one that fit my style. It is cheap and light. The effective range of a handgun from even an experienced shooter is less than 50 yards. Since license holders will be carrying concealed, law enforcement personnel will not know that license holders are carrying their firearms.{/PARAGRAPH} These days my first aid kit is a lot more pedestrian than tactical. A bus is simply not a sensitive area, nor is a taxicab. Judge Scullin made clear that the Second Amendment right to carry arms is routed in self-defense. The bright light along with a head tilt usually does the job. I then attended a four day firearms course offered by a school in Nevada. As my life and needs change, I may very well write a new post with a whole new set of items. I implore you not to put innocent victims of stalking and crime at such risk. My kids are older and no longer need me to carry things for them as they carry their own wallet, first aid kits and miscellaneous kid junk. My testimony is divided into three parts. I even engaged in a lengthy discussion in the legal business we call it an argument with a fellow dog owner over the merits of gun carry. As Chief Lanier can tell you, stalkers lay in wait for their victims. I applied for and obtained concealed carry permits in Virginia, Florida and Utah. It is therefore substantially overbroad. The second, addresses legal and practical issues with Bill The third, explains why gun carry by trained responsible citizens is not only not a threat to public safety, but is an enhancement to public safety. I was not looking for trouble. For example, none of the six restrictive may issue states, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York prohibit permit holders from carrying a firearm on public transportation. So she cannot carry to work and back. There is also nothing wrong with not carrying this or that. However, I have persistent friends who put on a full court press to get me back at it, so here I am putting fingers to keyboard. The buffer zone set forth in Bill is more than six times that distance. You would be wrong as I will show you below. In all I have some hours of formal firearms training, and average more than hours a year. Thank you for holding this hearing. Now, not so much. You may think that citizens carrying guns in public is inherently a threat to public safety. I am honored to call him my friend and I am thankful for his continued effort to fight for the rights of gun owners. But no state flatly prohibits carry into a restaurant serving alcohol as this bill proposes to do. {PARAGRAPH}My husband, with help from a dear friend, bought me a new Colt for Christmas and, of course, I had to give it a run. I trust Chief Lanier has explained what an utterly dangerous idea that is. Each of the plaintiffs in Palmer stated their intent to carry a firearm for self-defense. The writing came from sharing my life and experiences. In short, I did what I exercised personal responsibility for my self-protection. I have used combat gauze more often when working, but not nearly as much direct pressure or a plain old band aid. Today I carry a purse not a backpack. When I first started blogging I had a story to tell. There are many reasons for that. What a poorly thought out idea. I will grant you that preventing dangerous or irresponsible people from carrying guns in public could be considered a compelling governmental interest. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. A carried to the dog park. Assume a single mother scraping to get by waitressing in a restaurant is being stalked by her ex-husband. If there was any doubt as to the degree of antipathy that members of this council hold gun owners and innocent victims of crime, it was resolved when some council members suggested making the identity of carry license holders public. Bill reminds me of how my home county in Virginia 11 years after Brown v. I carried to the grocery store. The bill should be amended to bring it within the norm for other jurisdictions. Frustrated, eventually, I accepted that my writing days were over and put my blog to rest. In my purse I have things I use almost daily for myself, my friends, people in the grocery store, the kid at the park, and even other medics that have their combat gauze, but nothing for their hive break out. A journey to share. In basing his decision on Peruta Judge Scullin has foreclosed the restrictive may issue policy contemplated by Bill To curtail a fundamental right you must have a legitimate compelling governmental interest, there must be a close fit between the means chosen to achieve that compelling governmental interest and you must use the least restrictive means to achieve the legitimate compelling governmental interest. I still always have a knife and a flashlight because I use them all the time. Let me be blunt. Furthermore, as written, Bill contains numerous restrictions well outside the norm. On a range I still have a full kit, but no longer just about town. Others, such as Texas, prohibit carry into an establishment that receives more than 50 percent of its revenue from the sale of alcohol. I found some I liked and that worked well for being on an ambulance, but no longer for my day to day life. She will be an easy victim despite having a carry permit. The flashlight is mostly used because my eyes are old and even with my glasses or contacts I still need some extra help actually seeing things. Having his firearm with him that day saved his life. The knife is often used to open packages, cut string, prey open containers and sitting around a campfire or in the backyard whacking things with the kiddos. And in all 50 states it is legal to carry a firearm into an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. The result of these sundry restrictions is to seriously eviscerate any benefit of self-protection to the mere few who might be able to convince the Chief to issue them a permit. I carried to the bank. Heller, a case in which I joined with Rich Heller and four other District residents confirmed the right to possess a functional firearm in the home. But more fundamentally that view is foreclosed by the Second Amendment itself which confirms that the right to carry a firearm cannot be infringed. These I have everyday, everywhere I go and have replenished time and time again: There is nothing wrong with carrying 5 tourniquets and 24 rolls of combat gauze or any other item one wants to carry. Peruta specifically invalidated the practice of the San Diego Sheriff of denying carry permits where citizens merely sought to carry a firearm for self-defense. And even if she could get on public transportation, she cannot carry into her place of employment because it sells alcohol, even though she cannot and does not drink on the job. The Supreme Court decision known as District of Columbia v. My instructors have there have included active and retired police officers, Green Berets, and Marine Scout Snipers. Her stalker will know where she works, when she works, when she gets off, and most importantly of all, that she will be disarmed when she is going to and coming home from work. I loved being a part of something and I wanted to carry that feeling with me for as long as I could and I truly believed that a small or large IFAK type bag was needed, but after 2 years of carrying a really cool pack, I realized that mostly those things were heavy and in the way of the things I truly used daily. My comments here should not be considered as a litigation position in Palmer. Accordingly, to comply with Palmer you need to amend Bill to require the Chief to issue a carry license to an otherwise qualified individual unless the Chief has evidence that doing so would be a threat to public safety. A friend of mine who has been very involved in several court cases that have made a positive impact for gun owners in Washington DC recently testified on Bill He sent me a copy of his testimony and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is a bill that will get innocent people killed, who need not die. My position in that litigation is ably represented by my attorney, Alan Gura. Although I fully agree that persons who are victims of stalking or who have been threatened may be suitable persons to carry firearms for personal protection, the fact is that most criminal attacks happen without warning, certainly without sufficient warning for someone to jump though the hoops necessary to get a license under Bill My co-plaintiff Tom Palmer had no warning up until the time of the incident itself that a gay bashing mob would attempt to kill him. The foot buffer zone from public protests, motorcades and political events contained in Bill is overbroad and irrational. Bill is an outlier in this regard. She at least according to the Attorney General might get a permit. Moreover, 5 given the necessary notice provision in the bill that requires an officer to recognize that a person is carrying a firearm and then to inform the license holder that he or she must leave the area, the provision is in reality meaningless. Publicize the names and addresses of stalking victims and persons facing threats of violence so that their stalkers and other persons looking to do them harm can more easily find them. Bill does not address the key element of the decision in Palmer. On the range, out and about town or on the ambulance, I have never used a tourniquet and only rarely a chest seal even though I have treated a fair amount of gun shot wounds and tended to serious car accidents. When I moved into the District of Columbia I knew it outlawed handguns, and I knew that was inconsistent with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I simply went about my business as normal. Some states such as Virginia prohibit a carry permit holder from consuming alcohol is such establishments.
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