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A mysterious billionaire has hired a couple of dealers who have promised to deliver to him a substance that is illegal for him to get his hands on. Holly McCall is to die for! My Hard Photos TV Momma's house is no ordinary home. But now she's run afoul of the powerful network execs who created the whole plan.

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Korean idol nude in softcore video. There's a shower at this resort that grant's the user's every sexual wish. You may also be interested in: When a mobster sends his wife off on a exotic vacation with his henchma, so he can be free to spend time with his mistress, his plans begin to backfire on him.

Pehggi. Age: 22 yrs. I`m an attractive, seductive and confident girl. I`m open to experimentation and with a hot imagination. I love an active way of life. I am benevolent and polite, and i demand this from others..

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Julie, a beautiful, sexy girl from the prairies, fresh out of college with a degree in modern languages, is hired by an important holding company as assistance to a seductive lady manager in the take over of a computer company that is on the verge of bankruptcy that has, however, a very sophisticated program of virtual sex, Magic Eros! You won't find a Maid like this at any hotel you go to! Post-apocalyptic hokum with brief nods to Mad Max and a thousand others of the genre. That is, until a bookie gets hauled in and makes a deal with the cops. She goes by her crush's house and finds his girlfriend's locket on the floor. The dress possesses powers that spread sexuality and sensuality throughout the body and soul of anyone who wears it. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons is what adult film is all about. Rest assured, this is one party where everyone comes in a Marathon orgy of unequaled X-rated action. Classic porn send up of the hit TV series but instead of just being plain creepy, this family is extremely horney. He's been off fighting a lengthy war and wants to get back to his home for some rest and relaxation. So sit back and relax because these girls are going to leave more then just a mint on your pillow. Michael, a fascinating, athletic young businessman comes between the two women upsetting all their plans. Jon Dough is a rich guy who is headed for a big ol' tax bill unless he can come up with a substantial tax loss. She makes a fool out of herself at a party. She has mood swings in which she's a nasty bitch or a sweet person. He steals, from one of the scripts, a way to kill his wife, his mistress and anyone who stands in the way of his plans, or simply annoys him. Hustler raved about this intriguing and erotic tale of an unscrupulous lawyer and the babes he beds. Here is a room service that delivers more than just towels.

Marilyn Chambers, the all time number 1 Box-Office Star, Has put these original, never seen before tapes together based on her own personal real-life fantasies, and she has choreographed the action so as to realistically capture her innermost sexual feelings Marilyn also provides her own narration with scenes involving her intimate friends.

Manbait 2 starring Moana Pozzi, K. They gave a party and everybody came! Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. But even though civilization has been destroyed, there are some things that never change. Each tape has 4 different fantasies of Superb Sexuality!! The Makeup Room Series. Each and every woman who puts on the dress falls under its mysterious spell.

Bolla sends them all out to find new, exciting sexual experiences to write about. Marianne's faithfulness has its limits and when she meets and beds the handsome Philip, she must make a decision The passions of the heart and body come together in an explicit, searing tale of love and lust and a woman ready to bloom emotionally and sexually.

Bolla stars as a publisher of porn paperbacks whose business has fallen on hard times. Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. Featuring the star selected by critics and filmgoers as the single most sensual performers in Adult Cinema. It's definitely service with a smile!

Kelly Trump shines in this feature parody on the life of Hollywood's biggest starlet. She takes a couple of sultry sex kittens under her wing, letting them enter her sexy stable -- for a price. Who likes to party hearty? Dive right in to the magic pool1 it looks like an average pool in the back of a typical suburban home, but what happens when one touches the water, has got the whole neighborhood in a uproar.

She wants to be loved, but she has a thing for another woman's man. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients — all the traditional forms of sex. So he calls in his authors, a bunch of guys and gals whose sexy stories just aren't cutting the mustard anymore.

These brazen beauties will do anything to please you This exotic adventure makes Nathan Drake look like Matlock. A pulsing, driving tale of a woman ona frenzied quest for sexual fulfillment. Anita's mixed-gender group teaches Marietta's lesbian collective that lemons are perhaps not the only fruit.

A well-done tribute to bought pleasure in all of its forms. Actually, Tracey has technically inherited almost all of the money, but if Mike can catch her in a sex act, he can exploit a secret clause in his dearly departed Dad's will to get all of the moolah for himself. His sexual escapades are seemingly endless.

The climax is romantic, sexy and, above all Magic! She wasted her life dreaming about a man she couldn't have. Angela Baron arrives from Germany as a German tutor for Mike Horner and Tracey Adams, the offspring of a recently departed billionaire. The great locations, humorous storyline and great sex make Marylin a very unique movie and one that couples are sure to enjoy. It's a winner take all sex carnival as these beauties give their all Moana hits the United States looking for a high-paying career in the exciting world of modeling sound familiar?

Lust, betrayal, and revenge come together in one of the hottest XXX feature films ever made! Beautiful women havin' a ton of fun in the sun and gettin' cock while they're out there. All Orders are Securely Processed by. When word gets out, everyone is flocking to get clean in here! There's a shower at this resort that grant's the user's every sexual wish.

This romp is a fast-paced spoof on the mainstream Hollywood hit. Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael, loves her husband very much, but Michael cannot resist the lure of illict sex. Especially for anyone that comes into their home or already lives there. Highlights of this tape include Marilyn Chambers paired with John C. Business has never been better as Asia and her band of merry hookers sexually plunder the poor and rich alike in exotic Malibu.

But she gets more than she bargained for as the porn takes her over. Mandii now has to get out of the biz before the nab her, and she has no idea what's about to come down. A group of social misfits seek help througha therapy group to become more sexually attractive to others.

Raven is about to make your bed! Magically and erotically, this pool has the power to alter one's sexual desires and lusts. These maids cater to your every erotic wish. Click Here for International Shipping Rates. Zara is a servant in her mistress' castle where she undresses and bathes her ladyship and her lovers, preparing them for their intimate pleasures.

Manii's Magic is the hottest brothel in LA, and the cops don't know about this place. Then she performs in a three girl fantasy set in a bowling alley that must be seen to be believed. It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans, and 2 roommates are out to celebrate by getting laid. These stars tell all of the true stories of what happens in the backstage areas A blue collar worker takes a cue from the movie ;'Weird Science', and tries to create a woman out of nothing But the woman, is a insatiable nymph that is more than he can handel. When a young couple agrees to house-sit a mysterious old mansion, they discover that the resident spirits are more than just willing - they're downright horny! Peter North stars as Mad Jack, a renegade warrior who's being chased across the barren wastelands by a trio of futuristic government agents. The classic tale of Marco Polo is told, but not so much his legendary explorations, but so much more so, his sexual conquests across the globe. Well, when champion hot-dogger Bill and sizzling slope-strumpet Drea win a big ski contest, they decide to throw a bang-up party no one will ever forget. There is something very magical about a dress spun by Gypsy weavers in the south of France. Gorgeous Anisa turns in her most erotic performance ever as the madam, a ravishing beauty who's looking for naughty new recruits. People just aren't thrilled by his books anymore. A nightclub owner helps resurrect the career of her favorite jazz artist, only to find that she has complicated her life and his as well, and possibly not for tyhe better. We Proudly Accept the Following. A story about a TV producer who lives at the beach and steals scripts. He tells them everything he knows about the operation. Viewers are busting down her doors to become the next big star. Her boundless, perverse appetite for sin leads her to touch, taste, and feel sexual reality at its most extreme. A porn producer, trying to find fresh talent, goes on TV with an infomercial on making it in the porn industry. When a woman thinks she cannot have kids, she goes on awild sexual rampage, after all, there can't be an consequences A wife seeks to put some passion back in her lustless marriage by convincing him to watch porn with her. Moana continues her pursuit of the American Dream, as she now comes to grips with how the game is played and what she must do to get to the top of the model world. Little does our imported ingenue know about the unscrupulous men and women who take sexual advantage of such gorgeous babes as herself…But she soon finds out. They want some dick, and they're gonna get it tonight down at Lucy's, a local swing club where fantasies come true. She picks it up, walks into the street and is struck by a car and killed. Raylene leads a lonely, troubled life. For instance, the future still seems full of lusciously busty young women who want nothing more than some scintillating sex.
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Ofelia. Age: 18yo. I am a colombian girl i love simple living and i love to smile. I`m a little new to this and maybe a bit clumsy but i`m willing to meet you and please you as much as possible. I know that we are going to have a great time and have very good times..

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