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If you feel that what you've written is good and you're happy with it, then that's all I ask. Or will the maids of this house make meals of you and your lover? Another delicious yiff hypno comic by OOsarovakOO. Also expect endo and full tour clean. Can you survive the toughest week of you life, or become the meal for one lucky predator

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You chose how the main character reacts to the situation. Power hungry, Trying to do right, and The Plain Evil ones. Expect plenty of snuff, unwilling vore, fatal vore, and a general disregard for the welfare of others. Fluttershy, it seems, has woken up to find that she's undergone some "Changes" He is very shy in a normal school, so he is down right scared out of his mind in an anthro school. Chapters containing it MUST be properly marked.

Betsi. Age: 24. Hey im an easy goin chik down 2 earth, luv socialising, meetn new people,goin out and just stayn at home vegen out, i luv music it plays a big part in my life lol and lots more so of ya wana no more just ask away.

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First Morning Wood

It will rock yo socks off! Oh, I reserve the right to delete horrific grammar as well. May or may not be deleted later. Nobody knows it but you rule this medievil country, lets see how you do. Be carefule what you pick. Don't get too comfortable, we might not be around much longer This one will promice to have more story, rather than random vore. Don't say I didn't warn you. One day, after yet another bad day from school while walking home, she sees something wrapped in a paper bag on the side of the road. But I have moved on and I frankly am no longer interested in this story. My first Eka int. Will they survive or become dinner for the beasties that stand in their way. No toilet fetishes, or death, everying else is a go. Until you made some effort into your own story, it is unlikely someone will just drop by and add on their own. This is not a story request page. What happened to you? You are a human male or female, finding yourself alone you start looking around in chat rooms and find another person like yourself. Just a moment of your time May include - Soft vore, sex, unbirth, digestion. Hoping its something to drink, she grabs, it only to find out it is a gun. Please keep cruelty to a minimum, and don't do gore. Also if you do want to use an animal which I han't listed or start your own place follow my options first. Feel free to add anything you want, especially if the Pokemon you like aren't in there. Please add, everyone loves Krystal. Maybe you can keep this symmetry ; its fun. Account Configuration Blog setup Private Messages. You learn that they are ether a furry or taur foxtaur, wolftaur, etc male, female or herm and are larger then normal, coz of this they are out casts. How long cn you live without beign digested, and what sort of fun will you have along the way? He also recently developed a liking for fancy cakes. At every turn, however, you find yourself surrounded by hungry predators who have other plans for you This story is about you, in a mansion filled with maids of all kinds, and two busty overseers. That should do it welcome and enjoy; " 53 pages. Even more so if you're smaller than usual. See start page for details. Will contain UB, AV, soft vore and some scattish scenes " 41 pages. Given that she's being held against her will, almost everything that happens is non-consensual. But don't go too heavy on a storyline please. Also I will be adding a storyso that you can experience first hand of what my characters are like. The layout of the mansion will remain the same regardless of your initial choice though. And, if you like this interactive, please let me know! You must Survive this Here you get to play three very glutoness Dragontaurs of Laven where every monster is on the list. And there is so much to explore here, traveler - but are you up to the challenge? Also, make sure you specifies any rule that story have on the description or at least on the first story page. Otherwise I do believe anything goes. Especially when there's vore involved. Create an account for this portal or Login! You pay them a vest, too find that your ether knee or belly high. Recover her full Power Suit and clear your name for good takes place after Metroid Fusion! However every business has its dark secrets. I won't shy away from sex or gore. I am trying at least. Thanks " 4 pages. Please do not include - gore, hard vore, scat. Here lurks many a dangerous predator, here resides hordes of the most succulent prey you could get your hands on. All is soft vore and no sexual shit. Currently there are four girls to pick from. The choices arent always what they seem! Take up arms whether it be of crudely crafted stones or pristine teeth and claws and fight for glory, fame, and most importantly, the means of life, food. All of them have vore too. Add it in and make the rest of the community very happy. She has no plan to kill herself, or anyone else like this until she find it doesn't shoot bullets it just shrinks things. Soft vore, no sex and preferably live vore!!! So will you survive? Written in the second person. You are not exactly the virtuous type, so you just may try to take advantage of that new situation. You want to see the animals, and boy, are they glad to see you. As for rules just no scat or unbirthing or Anal Vore. As long as your pages are true to the spirit of the original storyline you should be okay. Feel free to add to it I left sections open deliberately just as long as you follow the original pirit of the tale. This times are long over now, but Where your a thing to love or eat. She's a cute girl, but none the less, no one seems to talk to her. This time the poor girl ends up shrunken and trying desperately to escape a mansion full of unusually hungry and horny predators! An interactive story for all you full tour fans out there!

Make sure you understand the idea of Interactive Story before you create one. Will she slay the Werewolf King, or will she end up a meal for one of the sinister creatures that roam the forests at night? If you see any problem here, please let us know by feedback! I tried to complete one of the possible paths of the story, but had to cut it short ad mid-time. Explore the mysterious castle and try to find your way out, as a girl or as a boy.

Also, you will need to login first to make a new story. Feel free to add other fetishy stuff if you like, but I will delete any blatant Scat or underage-ism I find, as well as not-up-to-par writing. But can she, when there are so many hungry predators? Will he escape alive or will he become prey?

The two of you ether hit it off as friends or you become their meal. Never leave Story Description empty! Things start out at the university where you studied together with your friends, some of them female and quite good- looking. It's an exciting read, but the real adventure begins when you find yourself sucked into the pages, and living out the shrunken stories.

Life had been pretty dull thus far, until you suddenly shrink to half an inch in size. Suddenly, your normal surrounding have become pretty dangerous, and no one knows you are there. Can you describe it well? Her fate is determine by your decisions.

Told from the third person choose wich lady adveturer will brave the Goblin infested wood, The foul Blightwater Swamp and the ruins themselves. Feel free to add and I'll be trying to add at least a chapter a day. Can you help her escape to safety? Options you should keep in mind: You will embark as the leader of your people, whether you lead your faction to glory with full bellies or you lead them to utter defeat, nothing more than chow for your competitors is based upon you. What he failed to realize, however, was that dragons are not very high on Ianmear's food chain. Katrin's unwanted Vore Adventure.
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Nora2D. Age: 19yo. I am a latin girl, i love to know new people and new culture, if you want to have fun, come to my room,.

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