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After entering your search criteria e. Alternatively, you can search the thumbnails in Comics Gallery 2but remember: Most of it we gathered ourselves, but we are always grateful for submissions although we can't pay for them the only exception being occasional commissioned works of art. We wanted something different, something that hadn't been done before, and Congolike obliged us with more than we could have reasonably expected: Vampirella gets her panties pulled down what little there is of them by A.

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Generally taking up the inking chores on his own pencils unusual because it increased the length of time needed to produce a book , Schaffenberger had an admirably clean line and rendered all the Superman Family characters in an attractive but not sexy way. The famous spanking from Lois Lane She deserves it after basically beating him up see the full pages below. Miss Grundy forces Veronica to apologize to her "father" - note the contrast between Veronica's attitude and Betty's.

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Chicago Spanking Review - Comics Gallery 2 - Archie Spankings - Dad Spanks Veronica

Vampirella gets her panties pulled down what little there is of them by A. If you have written an article, a work of spanking fiction, or have any pictures which you own or to which you hold the copyright that you would like to see posted, please send them along to the web-ed. Nik Zula is one of the finest modern practioners of the spanking humor cartoon, blending eroticism and humor in roughly equal proportions much like Dan DeCarlo and Bill Wenzel did back in the 's. Provide a forum to promote discussion and an exhange of information among spankophiles. We update the site with additional material whenever we can. There's nothing wrong with commerce, of course - it is after all the lifeblood of the nation - but we're sick of pay sites run on the side by large porno outfits that have no genuine interest in spanking. Witch Switches Witch, by Wolfie. CSR was designed to be easy to navigate - from here on the home page you can reach almost any other page on the site with only two mouse clicks - but it is a very large site, and if you're having trouble finding your way around, try the search box above or take a look at the Navigation Page. Because of this, with some very minor exceptions we don't feature any material on this site involving the disciplinary spanking of children, a subject which can and should be discussed elsewhere we're against it, by the way, like most spankos we know. This is true of all static no script web pages, by the way. Some of this material has appeared elsewhere, but much has been taken from original sources or was actually commissioned for CSR. Van Helsing has discovered a new use for the traditional wooden stake when dealing with female vampires. We have to ask: Personal Messages from the Web-Ed. The Halloween season is upon us, and once again we trot out some of our seasonal decorations: Art by Fastner and Larson. With the articles almost all are original and have never appeared anywhere else, offering our readers what we hope is a unique and valuable perpective. Moon Mullins spanking 2. Pervert" passed away at the ripe old age of 26, which is about how old we estimate Malone to be. For spankings taken from comics books and strips, you can also search the Comics Spanking Data Base see button below. Chicago Spanking Review is a Chicago-based free on-line journal of information and opinion on the the spanking scene, intended for those interested in the subject of adult spanking. Click to increase in size. The Web Chicago Spanking Review. Malone may be poking some fun at himself as we notice that "A. Art by Larry Malone. Pervert followed up by spanking her. Wolfie was nice enough to send us this brand-new drawing to add to our Halloween decor in It's a lovely atmospheric piece with one witch bending another over a jack O'lantern and giving her a good switching. Explain the importance of using proper techniques for both safety and satisfaction. Here we see that Dracula's old nemesis Dr. Another earth-shattering Sweetspot discovery!{/PARAGRAPH} By contrast, there is a panel from an old Superboy that shows Professor Lang spanking a young Lana Lang that we won't post, although we do have an aborted spanking of Lana as an older teen. Their broomsticks make excellent bondage props, and the bending-over position provides a nice target. Our concern is that if we included spankings of both adults and children, some people might think we were trying to eroticize child-spanking because the larger context in which it was presented included elements of adult erotic spanking as well. What we stand for: Our focus here is on adult spanking, with sane people engaging in safe , consensual play. Malone sets his sights on a different comics character here, Vampirella, and his humor shines through once again as she gets her bottom bared in a manner most appropriate to the season. We may hope that Mr. Lovely striping - not too severe, but it looks like the strokes are being felt! The Comic Strip Series continues with The Story of Martha Wayne - and would it surprise you to know that this story includes a brand-new, never-before-seen spanking? There are some worthy pay sites of course usually run by genuine spankos , and you can find a few of them on our links page along with free sites and blogs. Surf Free or Die: This is a free site, something of a throwback to the early, pre-commercial days of the web. And we have posted an anti-school paddling article by "Martin" that echoes our own thoughts on the subject. Welcome to the Chicago Spanking Review! {PARAGRAPH}CSR is not a blog; therefore, to get the latest updates you may have to hit your browser's "refresh" button or purge your internet cache. This week's featured update: A frustrated husband become less frustrated after spanking his wife in Belles and Wedding Belles. For more about who we are and what we stand for, please click here. Art by Nik Zula. Click on the color-coded radio buttons below to go to the section you want. Artist unknown, although the style resembles that of Dave Wolfe. The Comic Strip Series continues with another new Sweetspot discovery of a never-before-seen spanking in a surprising place - the science-fiction strip Twin Earths! Here is the story "behind" the scene: You may not have recognized Discord and Torment with their masks on, even though some of their, er, other attributes are still prominently displayed, but you can see them with their masks off and, frequently, panties down at Wolf City , where girlie spanking takes place on a daily basis. Wolfie kindly contributed this scene from her calendar to our Halloween decor. Solid OTK positioning with leglock , nicely-shaped backside, and good atmospherics in the form of a leaning cross and full moon combine to make this an enjoyable foray into some less well-known Halloween traditions. The Comic Strip Series continues with another Sweetspot discovery: Belles and Wedding Belles , in which a put-upon boyfriend finally spanks his girlfriend - after they're married. All pictures and artwork have thumbnail images to help you locate what you want to see. Publicize spanking social events, especially those taking place in the American midwest, to encourage greater participation in them by members of the spanking community. Most of it we gathered ourselves, but we are always grateful for submissions although we can't pay for them the only exception being occasional commissioned works of art. Scroll down past the radio buttons to find links to our most recent updates. Therefore, despite our interest in comics, we won't post any of the numerous comic-book spankings involving Nancy, Li'l Dot, Li'l Jinx , etc. Doctor Cylon returns to these pages with another collaboration with Julius Zimmerman.
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